In GWE-Tubomin offers a wide range of pumps and motors from manufacturers of Germany and United States. We supply cables, cable couplings, control panels and monitoring sensors.

We can configure high-efficiency submerged pump systems optimally for your water supply, hold technical training courses and analyze/repair your submerged pumps no matter which manufacturer.

Riser pipes

Riser pipes convey media under pressure. As a result, they need to be pressure-tight in accordance with the requirements of the local installation conditions and the pumps. Furthermore the product must be resistant to corrosion. GWE-Tubomin has been manufacturing and selling riser pipes for decades, built to our customers’ specifications. Our riser pipes are available in various materials.

The most popular choice are stainless steel riser pipes, but the GWE-Tubomin range also includes PVC, coated steel (HAGULIT®), right up to GRP riser pipes. A variety of connection technologies are available, from standard flange connections to tension resistant plug-in sleeve systems, right up to special connection technologies.

GWE-Tubomin has the most suitable system for all condition

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